3 Month Hair Growth Bundle + Free Bottle

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Get maximum hair growth with our 3 month bundle. Our best value to achieve the hair of your dreams, includes free gifts. 

Bundle includes:

3 x 28 days supply of SOS Hair Care Hair Growth Vitamin Drink 
+ 1 x Water Bottle FREE


SOS Haircare is a revolutionary, world first formula combining clinically proven vitamins and minerals alongside specially selected herbs and botanicals with the latest research backing such as cactus fruit, bamboo extract and horsetail plant extract which have long been used across Asia and South America to help protect and repair, dry and damaged hair.  

At SOS Haircare we believe you should grow your hair as nature intended, enhance your inner shine and protect your hair from the damages of living in the harsh environments of today

SOS Hair Repair, Hair Growth and Hair Health Haircare Multi-vitamin combines the latest key ingredients to provide a natural product that actually helps to maintain normal healthy hair growth as nature intended. Using natural ingredients and not containing any animal products, SOS Hair Care is suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and is cruelty free. Below you can find a list of ingredients and their benefit to your hair.

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Ingredients and how they work


Contains amino acids which naturally build up collagen to strengthen hair & also benefit skin health. Also high in fatty acids omega 6 & 9 


Sulphur rich amino acid. One of the key amino acids that builds up the protein keratin in the hair for a stronger hair follicle.


Key amino acid that builds keratin in the hair follicle. Also strong anti inflammatory. Inflammation is a strong cause of DHT conversion induced hairless.


High in silica which strengthens hair strands, also high in antioxidants and is also an anti inflammatory.


Rich in biotin, but 70% silica, 10 times more potent than the horsetail extract, but works perfectly in combination.


Required to metabolise amino acids, key for building keratin. 


Hormone vitamin, has been shown in studies to grow new follicles. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to hair loss. 


Potent antioxidant reducing the oxidative stress put on hair to help maintain healthy hair growth. 


Powerful antioxidant, as well as integral for formation of collagen production. Without it collagen cannot be produced within the body.


Niacin is a potent vasodilator, increasing blood flow throughout the body. When taken in high doses it causes a flush, a rush of oxygenated blood around the body. Good for blood flow to the scalp. 


Biotin, the key B vitamin for healthy hair. Biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning and loss. High doses of biotin help reduce this. 


Pantothenic acid, prevents early hair greying and can restore natural colour. 


Plays important role in hair growth and repair. Keeps the oil glands around the follicles working properly. 


Copper deficiency can lead to brittle hair. Copper also maintains healthy hair pigmentation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Gulshan Yasmin
Hair feels great and hydrated

Love this drink it tastes so nice and my hair feels hydrated. Scalp isnt dry which is really good for me as I have always had flaky scalp.

Margie Bolden
This stuff is amazing!!!

I have been using this product for 1 month and I am loving the results. My hair is growing, and my nails are strong. I purchased a 3 month supply and I'm sure I will reorder when its time.

Keeley Spicer

Love love love

Petra Valentina
Great Hair days ever since!

I love my SOS Hair Drink every morning. Pink Lemonade is my all time favourite. To improve the state of my hair and make it grow faster, I tried Shampoos, Gummy Bears, Vitamin Pills ... you name it i have tested it. After a view weeks I usually forget taking the pills or not sticking to any other hair plan, simply because it was not working for me. BUT I will not skipp or forget my SOS Hair drink, because Ladies it works! My hair is so soft, its getting longer, thicker and lots of new hair is growing. AND a bonus side effect: my skin is glowing, it needs less moisturiser. This Cactus stuff rocks, glad I have asked a friend what her hair secret was, she told me about SOS Hair Care.

Carole Harper
SOS Hair Care

I started using this product 2 months ago and it’s brilliant, my hair is softer and has stopped falling out and also my nails are stronger. Definitely recommend. CH From London

Magic in a sachet

The SOS hair care is Amazing, i have used 24 sachets so far, My hair and nails are stronger, my hair became lively and i got rid of that dull flat appearance of my hair. I would strongly recommend SOS hair as it is convenient and very easy to use however busy you are

Stephanie O'Sullivan
Excellent product

I've been using this product for about 6 months now (previously purchased a 3 month supply). So far the results have been excellent. I have noticed a few cm's of hair growth. My hair has always been exceptionally thin and brittle, despite using various serums and oils on it. I also used the very expensive pink Viviscal hair supplements for over a year and I never saw any sort of results like the results I've seen with SOS haircare. I hadn't tried the pink lemonade/raspberry daiquiri flavours before and I've been really enjoying them in my most recent order. Top class product, will continue to purchase after my current stash runs out!

Shiny hair

I have been taking this for almost 3 weeks, I suffer from alopecia.
I'm trying this supplement to see if it helps.
My hair has become shiny and is falling out alot less.
I would like to continue with this for longer to hopefully see some positive results.
The drink tastes lovely, I mix mine with a teaspoon of honey.

Stefanie Nugent
Amazing amazing amazing

I have been taking the drinks for a few weeks and I already seen changes in my hair and skin. My hair is full and thicker feeling and my skin is so so clear. The flavours are phenomenal, it’s like having a little cocktail everyday and so easy to drink. I am so excited to see the results!

Irina Tufaru
Happy vitamins

I've been using these vitamins for a while now and all I can say it that they made my hair grow much faster than anything else. Plus, my hair looks much healthier and shinier than before.

I am so happy with them, I will continue using them definitely in the future :)

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