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The Most Advanced Hair Vitamin Available

SOS Hair Care has been created to provide your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow thicker, stronger and longer. Containing 13 active ingredients including Biotin, Bamboo Silica, Cactus Plant, Vitamin B, D3, A & more, it has the highest single serving dose of any Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin on the market.

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The Daily Cocktail

Our Hair Growth Vitamin is designed to be taken daily and mixes into a tasty Cocktail in 2 delicious flavours - Pink Lemonade & Mojito. This is the sensible way to grow your hair, with up to 6 x more active ingredients per serving than Hair Gummies and Hair Tablets. Your daily dose provides 5g of Hair Growth Ingredients per serving, meaning you get much more goodness for your hair. 

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Changing lives for the better

We have hundreds of verified reviews from people who have used SOS Hair Care to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair. Get results in better quality of hair in just 2 weeks!

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Let us fix your problem

Fix your hair dilemma from the inside out. Feed your body & Hair our unique blend of Vitamins, Minerals & Botanicals it needs to promote incredibly healthy hair. 

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