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Super Hair

I have tried this product and absolutely loved, not only taste amazing but also make my hair so much more stronger and shine. I have lost all my hair 2 years ago due to healthy treatment and SOS has helped to make my hair beautiful again. :)

So far so good

I have only been using SOS for about 4 weeks now so it is a bit early to tell if it makes a difference but it does seem that my hair is falling out less and is less dry at the ends.

Amazing products

I have been taking theses products for over three months now and must say there all amazing 👏

AMAZING product!

I have been using SOS haircare religiously now for 3 weeks, I was struggling with thinning around the front of my hair and after 3 weeks my hair looks a lot fuller, I have also been making sure I keep all heat off my hair, drinking 2ltr water a day and not washing it as often as recommended by SOS haircare. My hair feels amazing and I have little sprouts of hair growing through now where I was thin before. Absolutely love this product, hopefully the stock comes in before I run out to be able to start my second month.

Fantastic! Love it. 100% recommend.

SOS Hair Care

I started using this product 2 months ago and it’s brilliant, my hair is softer and has stopped falling out and also my nails are stronger. Definitely recommend. CH From London

Happy but sad

I absolutely love this product it makes my hair feel amazing I always recommend to my friends but I did sign up for a three month programme but I’ve not yet had the flavour I chose - this time I was just sent a flavour with sorry we out our stock I don’t even like peach lol !! Only have onemore month left and not sure what u will get


Hair feels so soft after 3 weeks use! It’s definitely growing faster than normal and my nails are so strong! Tastes amazing and is such a staple to my morning routine now! 🌵

Great product

I am around 2 weeks in and my hair definitely feels thicker and healthier. The drinks are lovely and easy to drink

Magic in a sachet

The SOS hair care is Amazing, i have used 24 sachets so far, My hair and nails are stronger, my hair became lively and i got rid of that dull flat appearance of my hair. I would strongly recommend SOS hair as it is convenient and very easy to use however busy you are

Happy, happy hair

I ordered the 3 months supply after using the two weeks supply. For me the two weeks supply didn´t make any significant change - but with my hair condition I knew that I would need longer time to see the changes. In combination with few more supplements after a month or so, I started noticing new baby hairs growning as well as better quality of my hair. So I keep going and will see how my hair will look after the 3 months :) Have had few different flavours, all of them are tasty. No alergic response - awesome! The only thing is, that the month supply contains just 28 satchets for 28 days, not 30, but still, I am very happy with the complex composition, taste and the most important - effect :)

1 month out of 4

So far so good! I actually said to my friend I really feel I’m seeing the difference already! My very damaged hair is doing much better and it’s frowning a lot! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

Excellent product

I've been using this product for about 6 months now (previously purchased a 3 month supply). So far the results have been excellent. I have noticed a few cm's of hair growth. My hair has always been exceptionally thin and brittle, despite using various serums and oils on it. I also used the very expensive pink Viviscal hair supplements for over a year and I never saw any sort of results like the results I've seen with SOS haircare. I hadn't tried the pink lemonade/raspberry daiquiri flavours before and I've been really enjoying them in my most recent order. Top class product, will continue to purchase after my current stash runs out!

Great product really helped my hair growth and thickness

I was recommended this product by Danny my hairdresser to help thicken my hair, as a older woman and with the dreaded hormonal changes I thought my days of thick hair where behind me, but this has been fantastic even my husband noticed! My favourite flavour is the pink lemonade and has even encouraged me to drink more water, couldn’t recommend this enough

Shiny hair

I have been taking this for almost 3 weeks, I suffer from alopecia.
I'm trying this supplement to see if it helps.
My hair has become shiny and is falling out alot less.
I would like to continue with this for longer to hopefully see some positive results.
The drink tastes lovely, I mix mine with a teaspoon of honey.

Amazing amazing amazing

I have been taking the drinks for a few weeks and I already seen changes in my hair and skin. My hair is full and thicker feeling and my skin is so so clear. The flavours are phenomenal, it’s like having a little cocktail everyday and so easy to drink. I am so excited to see the results!

Happy vitamins

I've been using these vitamins for a while now and all I can say it that they made my hair grow much faster than anything else. Plus, my hair looks much healthier and shinier than before.

I am so happy with them, I will continue using them definitely in the future :)

I didn’t expect it

I was diagnosed with trauma related hair loss, I was really worried not only about how much hair I might lose but whether the condition of the hair I had left would be ruined. Being extremely sceptical I didn’t expect much but was willing to try anything as. I noticed a difference in the texture of my hair after the first week of taking the drinks daily, it was so soft and had its shine back. After a month of using the drinks I am noticing less hair on my brush, I’m going to invest in more and can’t wait to see if I can continue to strengthen my hair. Also the flavour is lovely. Thank you.

Topiary tonic

This is an amazing product !! It puts the life back into hair 🥰


I started this journey with my hair a little over a month ago now and haven’t regretted a minute. Inhale been using pink lemonade and it’s tastes amazing, I also can see a big difference in my hair. It feels healthier, looks healthier and I have noticed that it has grown. Best thing I’ve ever used. Thank you so much SOS Hair care


Would most definitely recommend this product not only has it helped my hair growth, my hair looks healthier than ever before a real bonus is the drinks are so yummy!!

Amazing healthy drink powders

I have noticed a great improvement in the strength and shine of my hair in the first month I have been using this product and I will continue to use it as I am so pleased with the results. It is also much nicer to consume than other similar products I have found. Thank you x


I've been taking SOS haircare for a month and I am already seeing results. I have baby hairs and my hair looks thicker and healthier! Can't wait to complete the 3 months, will definitely purchase it again!

Loads of baby hairs

I’ve been dealing with hair fallout for a while now. I had long quite thick hair, but everytime I brushed or washed my hair, huge clumps of hair would fall out. My hair felt so much thinner. I saw the this advertised and thought I’d give it a go. Since I’ve started using this I have noticed that my hair fall has reduced. I have also noticed that I have loads of baby hair coming through. Before on day 3 hair when I’d put it in a ponytail there would be a lighter patch on the right but I’ve notice that this has also improved. My hair is starting to feel a bit thicker and has volume when washed. Also on the plus side, I was worried that it would taste powdery and medicinal but this taste lovely