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The number 1 I ever used

Second time using and even my eyelashes doubled the length.

Very good

Saw a difference when I tried the product! Made my hair a lot more soft and shinier and healthier looking and felt so much better!


Nice results for the 2 weeks. Looking forward for my next order for 1 month supply


Well, I never write reviews so this is a first but WOW 🤩 SOS is just what my hair needed, I have trouble growing my hair, it’s greying and become corse


I was a little skeptical of this because i have tried other vitamins in the past to no success but this actually works! I have it every morning with my breakfast and my hair is feeling and looking so much healthier, Even my eyebrows which I have over plucked in the past has grown back too! Which is great. Will be ordering again and is now part of my everyday routine.

SOS hair treatment.

I got the 2 week course haven’t stuck to the course dates as I fell ill but I can say I’ve seen an improvement in my hair. Going to finish this set and reorder thanks.

Amazing product!

Since being diagnosed with PCOS it took a massive toll on my hair. it went thin, brittle and made me feel so self conscious. I was so so desperate to help my hair get back in a healthy condition and get it thicker again! I came across SOS and spend a few days reading the reviews and was a little sceptical. I had nothing to lose so I ordered the one month pack and I haven’t looked back since!! I’ve only been using it for just over two weeks and I can’t believe the difference it’s made to my hair and confidence already. Even my family and friends are noticing the difference! My hair is healthy, shiny and even getting thicker! I can’t recommend it enough! My only regret is not ordering it sooner!!

Gorgeous product for strong & healthy hair!

I’m absolutely loving my SOS hair care system, the results I’ve seen so far are amazing! My hair is growing stronger and looks healthier than ever, thank you for an amazing product! Will deffo continue using it! (I’ve tried both flavors but mojito is my fave!) ❤️

Love it

My hair feels so much healthier since using this . Also the pink lemonade tastes amazing. I’m on my second month now, and will continue to use

Taste amazing both pink lemonade and mojito my hair is much softer.

Finally something that works

I had ordered the 3 months supply, and within the first month of use I noticed the difference, my hair is much thicker and growing very fast. My hair would only grow in certain areas but with using this i have noticed those areas are now growing and catching up with the rest.

I don't mind the taste its actually ok, plus you get use to it. I had also ordered some for a friend of mine and she is happy with her results and will be buying more.

i can honestly say that when washing my hair nothing is shredding or coming out but its much heavier and healthy.....

This is a product that you have to try and keep at it to see the results.
I will be back for more..
Thank you

Best thing!!

I’ve been using this for about a month now and I can already see a difference. My hair is starting to get more healthier and thicker

The easiest product I ever took

I really like the product it is totally easy to take and it is really testy. I feel my hair is growing and I am really happy for that. That's why I am taking the product again for the next month.

Brilliant supplement

After reading previous reviews, i thought i would give this product a try.Been using this supplement for a month. My hair feels thicker,become very silky and is so shiny! I can honestly say I've noticed a difference in my skin. It seems brighter and smoother then before, which is amazing! Thanks Sos hair care


This product is wonderful! The flavours taste amazing and the powder blends well! I have noticed my hair is much softer and shinier!

Loving it so far

I am pleased with the product so far awaiting to see the growth results, still too early to tell.

Hair structure has changed positively

After 8 weeks the hair is now noticeably softer and healthier. The drink is now part of my morning routine.
I immediately ordered some more.

Perfect hair care!

I’ve been struggling with my hair for years and have tried many products and this one was amazing. Honestly having my hair care in drink form, with a lovely taste is great! I would really recommend this product for anyone struggling with their hair x

The best ever product

Sos hair care is the best product which I was using in my entire life. My hair and skin looks better! Definitely I recommend SOS hair care for every one.

Sos hair care

I bought this product around 3 weeks ago after seeing the product advertised online. So far I have been really impressed. I have long hair and it can be a pain to maintain, so having a product that I can take to manage my hair from the inside is great. The product tastes amazing I went for the pink lemonade flavour, it mixes well, sometimes needs a bit longer to dissolve but its never been a problem. My hair feels nice and thick and soft, i will certainly be purchasing more, i will maybe try the other flavour next time.
Go get yourself some! you won't be disappointed.

Amazing product

Thankyou for this, I’m currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer which causes complete hair loss I’m at cycle 5 and still have hair 🥰 I have lost some but It doing amazing and I believe this product has definitely helped I started the vitamins at cycle 1 and my hair was already falling out. This has definitely showed it down and my hair is shiny and growing!! Thankyou so much SOS I would define recommend ❤️

Hair Repair, Hair Growth, Hair Health Vitamin - 1 Month Plan


What a breakthrough in hair care world! Not only my hair is growing so fast, but also feels much healthier and stronger 😍


Started sos hair vitamins drink a month ago and have noticed my hair is starting to look healthier and be shiny I’d really recommend having these the mojito flavour is lovely too !!