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Fantastic - seeing results

This is my second month using sos and my hair is soft and thicker this feedback is from my hairdresser!! Husband has noticed the shine more. I’m just enjoying tastier water every day and the compliments 😊

Tastes great

I love the pink lemonade! Noticed lots of change in how frizzy my hair is as well as how strong my nails are getting
Signed up for the subscription I liked it so much

Hair growth

Amazing product . 3 weeks into the monthly course and my hair looks and feels thick and bouncy again . I ruined my hair with hair extensions and it feels like my normal healthy hair again I can’t believe it . Hoping if I continue this I will also see growth :)


I have tried many different products to make my natural afro hair thicker and longer. This is the first product that I can honestly say works. The front of my hair was thin and I suffered from hair shedding when combing. After using SOS hair care for over a month I have seen a noticeable difference. The front of my hair is thicker and the back is thicker longer and softer. I am extremely happy with the 3 month plan using SOS and would definitely recommend this product.

My hair growing super fast

I have used this product for about 3 weeks and so far I can say I’m happy with the result also it tastes much better than other vitamins out there :)

I swear by this stuff!!

I started using this a month ago and was quite hesitant at first as I usually find that ‘magic supplements’ etc are a scam...BUT OMG!! My hair has never been healthier and more glossy. It’s grown SO much quicker than it usually would and now I can’t reccomend this product enough.

I use the mojito flavour and it actually tastes so delicious!!!

Really would reccomend these to anyone struggling hair growth or unhealthy hair.


Good product

The hair looks healthier. I really like the sos hair care.

Top product

My hair feels so much better. I‘m from Germany and followed Danny on Instagram. I was quite interested in his product and ordered the 1month plan. I confirm that the hair feels better, is stronger, smoother and also a bit longer. I‘m happy with the plan. Unfortunately it is quite expensive but I Van recommend!!! ❤️ (I wanted to leave an image but this isn‘t possible)

A fantastic product!

I have been using this product for about 4 months now and it has made such a difference to my hair. My hair is feeling thicker and a lot more shinier. Will definitely keep using! Plus the Pink Lemonade tastes yummy! Thanks Danny!

Sceptical at first but how wrong I was!

I’ve seen countless adverts for the gummies that will help my hair and completely discounted them. When I was told about SOS during my hair appointment I was in 2 minds and didn’t purchase. With a wedding in a year I decided to try and I’m so glad I did. Not seen any growth but it has been only 19 days but I have felt a difference in my hair. Less hair loss on brushing and washing and it feels better too. so easy to take I put it in my water bottle every morning and the taste is good. In the short time I’ve taken SOS I’ve been completely impressed.

Hair Repair, Hair Growth, Hair Health Vitamin - 1 Month Plan


14 days in and already I’ve had complement of how shiny my hair is

Fab Taste and Seeing Results

After having my hair cut short I decided I didn’t like it and wanted to grow it out again! I went to see Danny at Black Cactus and he sorted out my colour and cut and this is when he recommended SOS - not only does it taste great but my hair is feeling thicker and seems to be growing nice and strong since I started using it a month ago! Just about to order my next lot before I go on holiday and my next appointment with Danny in October. Can’t wait to see the progress continue to gorgeous, healthy, long, luscious locks!! My skin is also looking super healthy too which had been particularly bad lately - bonus benefits!!

Nails are lookin good!

Been taking sos for about half a month now and I have yet to see any growth in my hair, however my nails are growing very long and strong plus they have stopped splitting and chipping. Do that's an improvement so far so good!

Great Product

The drink itself is easy to make & tastes great! Also helpful customer service when there was a problem with Royal Mail :)

Great product great taste

Love this!!! I got the pink lemonade flavour and usually I am apprehensive about flavours particularly when powdered, however this tastes amazing. You do have to mix it in properly otherwise you get bits of powder floating around another than that great taste and my hair does feel a lot healthier

Healthier hair and much stronger roots

My hair always used to fall out in the shower and feel dry and damaged after I dried it, it was constantly snapping when I brushed it, SOS hair care put a stop to that will definitely be ordering again ☆☆☆☆☆

SOS 7 day trial

Great tasting product, easier to make too! As it’s a short supply am unable to comment on any effects but will definitely consider purchasing again.


Works just like it says hair feels amazing and so much longer love it!

Very nice taste!

I had the margarita flavoured drinks and they tasted very good! Obviously my hair didn’t grow over night or anything but it wouldn’t do either way as it’s not possible. A good way to get vitamins though

Taste good, feels great!

Had tried the seven days trial and I think I can feel and see a little improvement on my hair overall health. I will be buying the three months subscription to prove right my early stage feedback.
I'm quite looking forward to it! The mojito flavour is really good but I might try the other one to compare which one is better for my palate.

Pink lemonade

Wow what a difference it has made my hair feel 😍 definitely be ordering more 🥭🥤 thankyou sos hair care

Brilliant Product!

Was Sent The Product Via Sweatcoin, Tastiest Mojito Ever & Very Helpful Customer Service, Thank You!


Hair feels soft and looks shiny and it tastes just like mojito. Absolutely delicious.

Revolutionary hair product

I got a 7 day trail of SOS hair care growth vitamin via Sweatcoin. I’m currently growing my hair for my wedding day next year but it normally gets to a certain length, just below my shoulders and then stops. Since using the mojito drinks, which taste delicious, my hair is definitely longer, growing more in the last 2 weeks than it has done in the last 2 months and also seems to be less prone to splitting and much softer. I’ll definitely be buying more!