SOS Hair Care 14 day plan in tube packaging

Do you have damaged hair? If so, this is why you should choose SOS Hair Care.

December 10, 2018

SOS HAIRCARE is the latest and most innovative answer to all of your haircare needs. After intensive research and countless days reviewing blogs from our competitors we feel like we have ironed out all of the problems their customers face when taking a hair vitamin supplement.

Firstly, WE ARE NOT A CAPSULE. Who likes taking tablets every day? NOBODY.

We know that the health industry are pushing people to take what they need to become the best version of themselves. We totally agree, however, we believe that there is a much more delicious, much more nutritious way of doing it.

That’s why we developed the Confidence Cocktail. So you could ‘shine like nature intended’.

Our supplement contains 6x the amount of Biotin than most other products on the market. This is proven to be one of the main ingredients that is known to be beneficial to hair growth, hair health and hair repair.

We have the ‘SOS UNIQUE CACTUS BLEND’ – This is revolutionary in the hair world and will be a foundation to the whole SOS Haircare range.

We also run a programme called the Cactus Club. Anyone who buys SOS will automatically gain access to the club. Click the link to find out all the features and benefits to being a part of the Cactus Club.

This alone makes us stand out as a brand. It shows that we care about your hair journey and your longevity within the brand. Growing your hair is a long and painful process, the cactus club is here to help you along every step of the way. 

To add to the fun, we include one cactus seed with every product purchased. Growing your hair is as difficult as growing your cactus. It takes a lot of tender love and care and you need to follow strict instruction. If you neglect your cactus, just like your hair.. it will die.


Join the new movement in hair repair, hair growth and hair health.







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