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The vitamin drink that makes your hair grow. The complete confidence cocktail.

December 11, 2018

SOS Haircare is the latest innovation in hair care, hair repair and hair growth.  We, as a new company, asked ourselves, what is it that people need? What is it that people want?

After conversations with over 100 stylists and over 100 customers, we learnt very fast that people want longer, thicker, healthier hair.


That’s how we came up with the Confidence Cocktail.  Working from within, the unique blend of multivitamins target areas that contribute towards healthy hair growth. We want to make you feel confident and the best way to start is by making you feel good from inside first! 

We have 600% of Biotin, you’ll find this in most hair CARE products just nowhere near as much as SOS Haircare. However, research suggests that too much biotin cannot necessarily be harmful to you, but it can cause side effects.

We have taken this into consideration and have found the perfect ingredient to combat this. Cacti.


The cactus is not only cool to look at, it also has some pretty incredible health benefits. Combatting acne and other side effects from Biotin are some of them!

The people of Morocco have been using this ancient secret for years and we super excited to share it with the world!


We also know that multi vitamins can taste and smell awful. We have taken this very seriously as we feel like it is important for SOS to actually work and be effective, but to be enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy it then how will you take it every day for the next 3-6 months!?

There are options to sample the product. There are options to purchase a 1 week supply. But we would highly recommend committing to the monthly subscription.

Not only does it work out cheaper for you, the more you take it the more likely you will see and feel the results.

Our flavours are MOJITO & PINK LEMONADE. Both absolutely delicious. 

We highly recommend taking the shot in the morning, before breakfast. Using 150ml of water. Stir well and enjoy your confidence cocktail. However, we also know how experimental people can be these days and would love to see how you would enjoy taking yours? Maybe add a little ice? A little fruit?


We cannot wait to see your results and hear your feedback!

Don’t forget to upload all your results and how you serve yours to #CactusClub. @soshaircare.







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The Hair, Nail and Skin Vitamin that works!
SOS Hair Care has been created to provide your hair with vitamins, minerals and botanicals that all aid in helping your hair to grow in better condition, faster, stronger and longer. Tested and backed by stem cell scientists, SOS Hair Care Vitamin drink provides the high doses of ingredients required to be effective to grow healthy hair, based on the evidence of clinical studies.