What are the best Vitamins to reduce Hair Loss and promote healthy hair?

What are the best Vitamins to reduce Hair Loss and promote healthy hair?

June 10, 2019

Vitamins and Minerals play a very important role in helping your hair to produce healthy hair, due to the fact that you grow your hair from the inside out. There are various ways in which you can ensure you are receiving the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to help with hair growth which include eating a diet rich in hair growth nutrients and also taking a vitamin supplement rich in the correct vitamins for hair health.


 We are going to run you through some of the most important Vitamins, minerals and botanicals when it comes to healthy hair and explain how you can get enough of these hair boosting vitamins.


Biotin – Vitamin B7


Probably the most well known vitamin to help with hair growth. Biotin is known to help convert other nutrients into energy, so is an important B vitamin when it comes to helping energy and reducing fatigue. Biotin is probably best known though for its quality to helping with hair and skin.


If you are deficient in Biotin, you can develop hair loss and also have irritation within the scalp, causing discomfort and also extended hair damage.


Biotin has a number of research driven examples of helping to reduce hair loss and also helping to contribute towards normal hair, skin and nails health. There are a number of examples of where Biotin has helped to improve hair quality, but these have been based around doses higher than the RDA. Research shows that consuming 1500mg of Biotin per day helped to develop normal healthy hair is subjects who were suffering from hair loss, related to deficiency.  This is why SOS Hair Care Vitamin drink uses this level of biotin within our daily dose, which is almost 6 times more than leading competitors, to give your hair the best chance to recover.


You can pump up your biotin levels by eating foods which are rich in vitamin b7, these include eggs, almonds, Cauliflower, cheese, mushrooms and spinach.




Copper has some very clear health boosting properties, including helping to fight inflammation, which is turn can cause issues on our skin and scalp. A reduction in copper levels within our body has also been shown to cause hair to thin, which has a massive effect on the strength of hair, leading to breakage. Copper has been shown to play a critical role in reducing and even preventing damage to hair follicles, helping your body to produce healthy hair from the root. Your hair wants to receive as much nutrients as possible to help it to grow, but your hair can only accept blood from 1 capillary, if that capillary is reduced in size or inflamed, then the nutrients cannot pass to the hair as easily. Copper helps with this processes, improving circulation to the hair.


Foods high in Copper include Oysters, Mushrooms, Spirulina, Leafy greens and even dark chocolate.


Bamboo extract with silica


Bamboo extract contains high levels of vitamins that help with improving hair health, including biotin and of course silica. Bamboo silica has been directly linked to improving the collagen production in the body, which not only helps with hair growth, but also helps to promote healthy skin and nails.


Bamboo silica has an incredible property of being able to improve the absorption of other ingredients in the body. Some of the key vitamins and minerals that bamboo silica helps to enhance the function of is iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which can contribute towards growing healthy longer hair, as well as improved bone growth.


SOS Hair Care Vitamin provides bamboo extract with silica at 70%, which has been shown as the optimal ratio to improve hair, skin and nail health.


Cactus plant (prickly pear cactus Fruit)


Cactus plant and Cactus fruit have been used for years in south America and Asia to help promote healthy living and healthy hair, skin and nails. Cactus has many incredible qualities when it comes to hair health, including being rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, which help to promote shiny hair. Cactus contains a high variety of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, zinc and iron, which apart from helping to provide healthy blood to the follicle, help with general health.


Cactus also has one of the most positive moisture retaining properties of any plant on the planet. Retaining moisture within your hair is incredibly important and combining this property with high doses of amino acids, will help to reduce dry, damaged hair from breaking.


You can find out more about cactus extract in this article.


SOS Hair Care is the only multi vitamin drink available which includes cactus as a key ingredient alongside 12 other vitamins and minerals, including the ones mentioned in this article, which all contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails. SOS Hair Care also ensures that each daily dose provides researched amounts of the vitamins and minerals to ensure its completely effective in growing longer hair.


Eating a diet containing key vitamins and minerals for hair growth is key, but using SOS Hair Care once a day in the morning will ensure you have all the vitamins and minerals needed in your body to keep your hair as healthy as possible all day. Keeping a healthy hair routine has never been easier.

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