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All you need to know about split ends.

February 05, 2019

So you have split ends, but you want to keep the length of your hair. Now, depending on how split your hair is and how far the split end has travelled up your hair will depend on how much length we can keep and how much we simply have to loose. It’s a case of taking one step back to move two steps forward. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Its taken me two years to grow my hair past my shoulders.” “So I’m not prepared to have it cut off now!”

What you need to understand is your hair could be SO much longer if you addressed the problem as soon as it arrived. Once you have a split end, it starts to travel up your hair continuously splitting further and further up your cuticle. Which then means you need to have more cut off in the long run! So as soon as you see a split end! Run to the nearest salon!!

If you want to grow your hair you MUST remove ALL split ends in order to move forward. You’re only slowing down the process by holding on to those ratty ends! You’re probably looking at your hair now for split ends… which probably means you haven’t been for a haircut in a while? Am I right?

Growing your hair is a gruelling process as it is.. so lets enjoy it as much as possible! Embrace new styles in the meantime and look fantastic. There a so many different looks we can enjoy that a right on trend! For example.. the LOB!

The amount of times we hear people say, “Don’t look at my hair… I’m growing it!”

Just because you are growing your hair doesn’t mean it has to look like that’s all you are doing with it. You need to bite the bullet and cut your hair until you are free of all split ends.

Now, there are ways of getting your split ends cut without loosing too much length. This would mean visiting an experienced stylist who has mastered the art of cutting hair. Cutting hair is an art in itself and shouldn’t be shunned off by simply asking for a trim.

If you go to an experienced stylist and let them know your hair goals, they will prescribe a haircut that will be perfect for you.

Go to your salon and ask for a “Surface Haircut”. If they look at you confused and tilt their head to one side, you should know at that point its time to leave and find somewhere more advanced.

An experienced, well educated stylist would know that surface cutting is where you glide your scissors across the surface of the section, cutting away any split ends down the midshaft and ends of your hair. This technique is perfect if you’re looking to whip your hair into great shape without loosing much length.

So start your hair journey right, go and get your haircut and subscribe to our SOS Hair Care Multi Vitamin Hair Growth System for the best results! https://youtu.be/oB5HKsBNYzs

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