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Smart casual hairstyles for damaged hair.

January 28, 2019


Okay so we may have a little more time to get ready… we could be meeting friends or we have just woken up feeling like you want to make a little more effort today. Perfect.

There are a few options here.. you would need to decide on a look then again, head over to your style wardrobe.

Here at SOS, we are a sucker for a big blow dry or a beachy wave. Both really simple and easy to create – if you now how!

We highly recommend getting good at blow drying your hair. We know that a lot of you will blast your hair dry.. flipping it and wafting it all over the place then correcting your handy work with the straighteners/irons. You and I both know that this is not the way to go about it if you want good looking, healthy hair.

Make sure you have a lightweight hairdryer with controls that you can turn down the speed and turn down the heat. You’ll also need a round brush

– Click this link – To see one our experts create a big blow dry on their own hair!



We are obsessed with the messy, undone look. This is the one look that we feel you could wear on any occasion and still look and feel absolutely amazing.

There are two ways in which you can create beautiful beachy locks. One with a little heat, one with NO HEAT.

Without Heat – We have tried and tested all of the ways you can create curls without heat and we have found that the Twist French Braid works the best!

You can create this look by simply leaving your hair around 80% dry after coming out of the shower. You can towel dry, blast dry or simply wait.  Section your hair in to two sections right down the middle. Start at the top on one side of your parting. Take two sections and wrap them around each other keeping it as tight as possible.

Work your way down your hair picking up more hair along the way keeping the sections close to your head.

Eventually you will end up with all of your hair perfectly twisted and wrapped up into a bun on one side of your hair.

Repeat this for the other side.

Leave to fully dry naturally. This will take roughly 20 minutes depending on how thick and wet your hair is.

Take out the sections and there you have BIG Beachy hair using ZERO heat! Amazing.

For the Waves using heat - all you’ll need is:

Heat Defence – Dry texture Spray – Wand with adjustable heat – Straighteners with adjustable heat – Serum.

Get the front of your hair done first! Once you have done one side – do the other! Once you have done that you can make your way to the back.

1st  – curl inch by inch sections away from your face – work your way up the sides until all sections are curled the same way. Leave your ends straight.

2nd – work your way around the back, alternating sections in different directions (left and right) to create a fuller look.

3rd – Once completed, allow to COOL.

4th – Now its time to shake out your curls! Run your fingers through your hair and there you have it. The perfect beachy wave!


We would love to see how you do at recreating this style! Tag us in your selfies - Instagram - @soshaircare 

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