Stylish hair with a fishtail plait which helps reduce damage and breakage in hair

Healthy hairstyles for when you’re going out out.

January 28, 2019


Its Saturday night and we are heading out out… not just out! Your hair is your crown and its time to wear it proud! Our expert stylists have come up with a couple of ways you can style your hair and look absolutely gorgeous in the healthiest way possible.

We get most of our inspiration from red carpet events, London, New York, Milan fashion weeks and there is a trend across the board. That trend is simplicity.


Sophistication is elegant and effortless.. so lets do exactly that.

It all begins with a the perfect blow dry. 

The Low Bun with an undone perimeter. Ideal if you’re really trying to use as little heat as possible.

The High Pony Tail – We recommended adding hair for a fuller, more powerful pony. Once the hair is high and proud, take out a piece of hair and wrap it around your bobble for a super clean look.

The Glamourous Wave – Remember, simplicity is key. Curl every section as tight as you can all in the same direction, away from your face. Leave to cool. Slowly brush from root to tip in one straight swoop! Refine using hairspray. Remember to turn down the heat on your irons/curling device - you really do not need the heat to be turned all the way up! 

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