No Heat, No Problem.

No Heat, No Problem.

July 13, 2019

As part of our 2” Challenge, we wanted to give you a little head start by sharing all the hair tips you need to give you hair the best possible chance at success!


No Heat, No Problem.


Danny Richo co-owner of SOS Hair Care - has given you the answer to all your prayers! Giving you all the style inspo, with NONE of the work. Finally!


Do you wake up late? Are you tired of using heat on your hair? Want that wet look beachy wave?


Put away your hot tools, take a shot of your SOS Hair Care, apply lightweight oil and texture foam to freshly washed hair…

Find out more: CLICK HERE.


Step 1, Its SHOT’o’clock.

How will SOS Hair Care help?


SOS Hair Care is famous for its de-frizzing qualities. You can thank the added cactus extract(Link) for that!

The multi vitamin cocktail will also help with the structure and strength of each individual strand. This will leave you hair looking fuller and stronger which means we wont have that, I’ve just left my hair to dry naturally because I woke up late, look.


Step 2. Apply lightweight oil.


This will really help nourish your hair from the outside. Adding moisture and protein to your hair to ensure maximum strength, shine and smoothness.

Fact about oils. They fight oils. If you have a greasy scalp, the best thing for you could be an oil. Make sure you apply from root to tips, starting directly with your mid lengths and applying the excess to your roots and ends.



Step 3. Its all about the texture! Recommended – Ouai Air Dry Foam.

Apply a medium hold texture foam to your hair. I would suggest a generous amount of product as like any foam, as soon as you apply it to your hair it tends to disappear! Most people find products “do not work” but they are simply not using enough to notice a difference.

“Why use a medium hold? I don’t want crispy hair!” Applying any product to wet hair will natural dilute the product. A little like orange squash, the wetter your hair the weaker the product so the less likely you will feel it. Plus, our recommendation will not disappoint!

Make sure you have towel dried your hair before applying product to feel true benefits.


Why use a texture foam? Texture foams usually contain panthenol which is a molecule that swells inside your cuticle giving your hair all the feels of thicker, fuller hair.

The texture foam acts like a sealant. Stopping your hair from falling out the style. If we do not use something to tell our hair what to do then our hair will do whatever it wants! Which is usually a frizzy, flat mess. Am I right?


If we need volume then we must tell our hair with the correct product, “WE NEED VOLUME.”



Step 4. Time to style.


Now, its time for those cool, effortless waves. We simply scrunch your hair into position, twisting your hair around your fingers or popping them into two braids while you get ready.


Once your hair is around 70% dry you can then undo your braids and run your fingers through your hair, gently! I would always recommend shaking out your hair using a circular motion on your scalp, this will help the hair fall into that effortless position.


Tag us in your SOSELFIES. We cant wait to see your new, damage free, heat free, stress free, time free cool girl hair.

Remember to hashtag #SOSHAIRCARE #CactusClub #SENDSOS #SizeMatters


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