Lets reverse DRY, BRITTLE, DAMAGED hair.

Lets reverse DRY, BRITTLE, DAMAGED hair.

July 08, 2019

Have you pushed your hair to the limit? Have you tried to make your hair blonder and damaged it along the way? Are you using heat on it every single day just to hide the frizz!?




I’m here to tell you that damaged hair is only temporary. Your hair will 100% be back in the best possible condition if you follow these simple steps. We have all longed for hair that is nothing like our own, pushed it in a direction where we both know it doesn’t belong. Here at SOS Hair Care we opt for the most natural, healthiest version of you! But, where there is a will there is a way and we have a way.


First and foremost you need to start this process from within… using our multi vitamin hair cocktail. This is really important not only for your hair but for your mindset. If you are using something so amazing for you on the inside, why would you go ahead and neglect your hair on the outside? You wouldn’t!


The Multi vitamin will help repair your scalp, it will give your hair follicle everything it needs to grow more efficiently and will 100% tame the frizz. You will feel results after only 2 weeks of taking SOS every day.


You must remove all of your split ends… We need to take one step back to move 2 steps forward. I know its going to be difficult, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair longer, but what you don’t realise is you are doing more damage and prolonging any growth by leaving them on there. Plus, they look NASTY.


I'm not going to mislead you into thinking your overly damaged hair is now salvageable with a couple of treatments and some magic potion. You really do need to cut off any dead hair and embrace a new style. I can guarantee your hair will grow back quicker than you realise if you stick to this new routine.


Think of this as your new PT plan for your hair.


Colouring your hair to a more natural colour would be fantastic at this point. Reason being, glosses and glazes that you can have on your hair from a salon contain so many great properties in nourishing your hair. They will replenish any lost moisture and proteins and leave your hair feeling softer, shiner and stronger.


Depending on your current situation, I would recommend having this glaze every 6-8 weeks. There are even options to having CLEAR glazes which means it doesn’t contain any colour pigment but you still benefit from all of the added qualities.




Haircut (ALL SPLIT ENDS, not just a trim).

Glaze (Every 6-8 weeks, colour or clear).

Taking SOS Hair Care Multi Vitamin every day (without fail).


Now for your daily routine.


Wash your hair 3 times weekly, less if you can! Using the correct shampoos and conditioners. I would always recommend a moisture shampoo and a repair conditioner, this way you will get the best of both. Winning.


Do not brush your hair when its wet. Wet hair tends to have a tendency to break easily and you will find most of it in your brush. Apply a lightweight oil and let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer on medium heat, medium speed. This will surprisingly untangle your hair and leave all of it attached to your head!


Avoid using any hot tools at this point. Your hair will not react kindly to irons or wands. I’d recommend finding hair accessories for you to enhance your up dos. Nothing technical, simple top knots, buns and messy pony’s are very on trend. Make the most of it while it still is!


Repeat this process for 3 months. You will feel like a completely new person, inside and out.


Remember to tag us, @SOSHAIRCARE, in your before and afters and hashtag - #SOSHAIRCARE #CactusClub #SizeMatters #2inchChallenge.


We can’t wait to see your results!!!

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