Having a hair cut for healthy hair

Getting your haircut promotes hair growth.

December 10, 2018

How often do you get your haircut?

Everybody thinks that when they want to grow their hair they should just leave it and hope for the best. Some people would even suggest wearing a hat for two years! We would like to explain that it takes a little more than neglect, believe it or not! 


We know that its difficult, time consuming and an unflattering process. But if you’re going to do it you need to make sure you’re doing it properly, in the healthiest way possible.


First things first, check your hair for any split ends. If you have ANY, you’re prolonging the inevitable and eventually it will break off. A split end is beyond repair, once its split it MUST come off.

The longer you leave your split ends the further up the hair shaft the split will travel and the more you will have to have cut of in the long run. Its one step back to go two steps forward!


Now your hair feels short, but its healthy! This is the BEST thing you could of done!

Now its all down to taking care of your new healthy locks! Lets work from the inside out, starting with our Confidence Cocktail. This is now repairing your hair from the inside out. Working from your scalp all the way to your ends!

This is crucial to your hair growth, hair repair & hair health programme. Multi Vitamins have always been a huge health benefit and SOS use them to their maximum potential.

Take one shot a day to keep the unhealthy hair away! We always recommend setting an alarm to remind your to take your shot and start every day the right way. We know how hard it is to remember to take any supplement so if you set yourself reminders/alarms there’s no more products collecting dust and no more waiting for your incredible hair goals.


Lets recap! You’ve cut off your split ends, your now taking SOS haircare Multi Vitamin, You can now leave your hair for up to 12 weeks until you need another haircut. Rebook this service every time you go in and they will send you reminders to keep you on top of this crucial point of growing your hair.

It's one step backwards, two steps forwards.

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